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Corvus, while not a corporation in any legal sense, certainly has a tangible economic impact on activities within the UIT, and the universe as a whole. This black market cluster of stations has become a major haven for pirate activity, mercenaries and corporations who simply wish to avoid Senate oversight. All manner of underground activities take place here under the baleful eye of the mysterious Syndicate, the little-known enforcing overlords of Corvus Prime. No lawful entities attempt to bring this region under their sway, partially because of the Syndicate's not-insignificant influence and firepower, and partially because of the logic that.. if Corvus were destroyed, they would simply reorganize in another, unknown location. "Better to know where the hornets nest" stated one law enforcement representative. This rationale is made that much easier by the Syndicate's strictly defensive posture within Corvus space. No attempts are made to expand or to influence other regions, and in fact the Syndicate is almost never heard from, even within their own territory. It is believed they have high-level economic dealings with several of the major corporations, but nothing is known of their membership, size, organization or leadership. Law enforcement agencies ceased to attempt to penetrate the organization long ago, when operative after undercover operative failed to return or report.[1]

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