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The Warthog is the first ship you gain access to that has a large weapon port, unless you go the trading route and gain access to the Revenant. The large port opens up many possibilities, it allows for larger weapons to be used, or it could be used for mining beams that extract ore quicker and generate less heat. There is also a small weapon port, which can be used to equip another weapon or a scanner for mining. The one small and one large weapon port make it perfect for the reconnaissance/spy line of missions, with a weapon in the large port and the scanner in the small port.
The Territorial Defender is used by NPCs in Deneb war or as a convoy's escort. It can be bought only at UIT stations and by pilots with a UIT standing of 600 or above. (As 600 is the highest standing that a Serco or Itani pilot can gain within the new and current faction system, they can buy them too.)

Game's Description

The Warthog series of attack ships bridges the gap between the more maneuverable fighter craft and the heavier bomber and all-purpose assault vessels. These ships provide near-fighter-like agility, while still retaining heavier armor and the ability to equip the Large-Port addons. A number of variants exist, such as the Mineral Extractor, which has been customized for mining usage in dangerous regions without fighter support and the cargo-scanning Greyhound variant, for high speed chases. The Mineral Extractor includes a mineral scanner. The Greyhound has a built in cargo scanner and draws only 45 energy so it can infiturbo and recharge a fast charge cell at the same time.

Ship Variants

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Turbo Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy Crystal Cost
MkI Basic - sm=a - sm=n 2/1/-/-/- 9400 8 1S, 1L 6000 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 220 N sm=n 220 N sm=n 55 m/s sm=n 7.0 Nm sm=n 180 m/s sm=n 50/s sm=n 1
MkII Upgraded - sm=a - sm=n 2/2/-/-/- 9400 8 1S, 1L 5700 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 230 N sm=n 240 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 7.2 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 50/s sm=n 3
MkIII Cargo Transport - sm=a - sm=n 2/2/1/-/- 9500 14 1S, 1L 5500 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 235 N sm=n 240 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 7.2 Nm sm=n 210 m/s sm=n 55/s sm=n 5
MkIV Armored - sm=a - sm=n 2/2/2/-/- 10500 6 1S, 1L 5600 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 235 N sm=n 240 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 7.2 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 60/s sm=n 6
Mineral Extractor Mining - sm=a - sm=n -/-/-/-/2 9100 24 1S, 1L 6000 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 230 N sm=n 260 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 7.0 Nm sm=n 190 m/s sm=n 50/s sm=n 5
Territorial Defender Assault UIT 600 2/2/2/-/- 11000 2 1S, 1L 5300 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 275 N sm=n 300 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 8.0 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 60/s sm=n 8
Greyhound Interceptor Corvus (Odia) <777 5/5/5/-/- 7500 3 2S 5000 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 190 N sm=n 450 N sm=n 60 m/s sm=n 5.5 Nm sm=n 225 m/s sm=n 45/s sm=n 12

Note: Odia Corvus stations sell a "Corvus Greyhound - Camo Edition" variant, instead of the default greyhound. This model has no differences from the standard Corvus Greyhound, except for a Camo-print livery. However, it is only available to pilots who are part of the Long Term Subscriber program. This variant costs 32 crystal.