Capital ships

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Large, heavily-armored ships that are deployed with the ability to engage in large-scale battles. Capital ships are mostly frigate-sized or larger warships, and can usually be found carrying a large array of defensive turrets and batteries. Some are used for engaging other capital ships while others are used to defend against escort fighters and/or bombers. Most can carry their own fighter escorts to deal with the enemy's fighters. Capital ships can also deploy large anti-fighter screens to allow friendly fighters to knock out the bombers if they get to close. Vendetta Online sports 6 new capital ships, each with their own capabilities and advantages. The only cruiser class so far is the Heavy Assault Cruiser, or HAC. The three frigate classes are the Trident class light frigate the TPG Teradon class frigate and the Goliath class freighter Last but not least is the TPG Constellation class transports, though it is not intended for battles. Also there is the Capella class vessel, one of the newer capital ships, and the most mysterious among all of them, an enormous NPC controlled hauler.