TPG Teradon Frigate

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Virtually nothing is known about this spacecraft, other than that it is a midsized capital vessel that carries a TPG identification tag. Reports put it somwhere between the Trident Light Frigate and the Heavy Assault Cruiser in size, as it is a Frigate Class vessel. Its armament consists of four BGTWKOA (Big Golden Thing What Kicks Our Asses) anti-capital ship cannons, many capital gatling/gauss cannons, and a full compliment of neutron turrets. It should be noted that all of these weapons are capable of detonating incoming ordinance if they hit it. Take note, these CANNOT be entered unlike other capships.

Games Description

The following was reported by an anonymous source:

"A long range camera today caught an image of what is believed to be a new TPG Corp small/medium scale capital-class ship, long rumored to be under development by the massive corporation. Although a nearby ion storm caused heavy interference with this image of the ship, seen here preparing to make a jump, the vessel appears to be a four-engine design built around a central main hull. A public relations announcement from TPG is expected shortly, although when could be anyone's guess."

Standard Variants

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Shield Shield Recharge Rate /s Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy
TPG Teradon Frigate Standard - - - 2000000 120000 12000 200 24 Small Turrets*, 4 Capital Cannons 3000000 Kg sm=n - 10000 N sm=n 40 m/s sm=n 1500.0 Nm sm=n 140 m/s sm=n 50/s sm=n
  • Weapons 16 Heavy Gatling Turrets (800 Damage), 8 Neutron Turrets (600 Damage), and 4 Capital Plasma Cannons (12,000 Damage)
  • Small turrets have approx 6000 armor and can be destroyed when the Teradon shield is down
  • Once overloaded the shields will not regenerate unless no damage is taken for an extended period (15-30 mins?)

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