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Not much is known about this heavy transport, aside from the obvious TPG identification tag. According to schematics, the Constellation is smaller than a Heavy Assault Cruiser length-wise, but slightly larger from top to bottom. For the moment, its armament consists of twelve capital gauss turrets. It should be noted that these weapons are capable of detonating incoming ordinance if they hit it. The Constellation's docking bay can be found on the ventral fin when approached from behind, and allows players to dock and gain access to the ship's turrets.

Game's Description

Not available at this time.

Standard Variants

Specifications for this vessel are still being released/revised, so these numbers may be updated often.

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Shield Shield Recharge Rate /s Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy
TPG Constellation Heavy Transport Standard TPG - - 4000000 sm=n 180000 12000 1500 sm=n 12T 500000 kg sm=n - sm=n 20000 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 2000.0 Nm sm=n 180 m/s sm=n 50/s sm=n
  • 12 Large Turrets (approx 130000 armor) can be destroyed when shields are down
  • Turrets equipped with Capital Gauss (6000 damage)
  • Once overloaded the shields will stay down unless no damage is taken for an extended period (30 mins?)

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