Heavy Assault Cruiser

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These are the largest class of capital ships. Heavy Assault Cruisers are around 800m long, have a large fin on the "underside", and a docking bay near the fin. By entering this bay, you may gain access to the ship's turrets, and armor, in addition to repairing your ship. The ship is equipped with several turrets, each of which holds a Capital Gauss Cannon (larger projectile, more damage, capable of detonating ordinance). At the moment, the piloting of all Heavy Assault Cruisers is managed by AI systems, but work is already in progress for total player controlled versions.

Game's Description

Standard Variants

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Shield Shield Recharge Rate /s Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy
Heavy Assault Cruiser Basic - - - 5000000 200000 15000 320 21 Turrets 6000 kg sm=n 733 m sm=n 20000 N sm=n 30 m/s sm=n 2000.0 Nm sm=n 180 m/s sm=n 50/s sm=n
  • 21 Large Turrets (approx 130000 armor) can be destroyed when shields are down
  • Turrets are equipped with Capital Concussion Gauss (6000 damage)
  • Once overloaded shields will not regenerate unless no damage is taken for an extended period (30 mins?)

Other Faction Variants

3 Serco HAC's in Station Sector

There are 3 H.A.C.'s, designated SMV Nemesis, SMV Ferronen and the SMV Shekaris that spawn in Sol II every few hours, and come with 5 NPC escorts: 2 SkyCommand Prometheuses armed with Gauss cannons and 3 Serco Vulture Guardians armed with Neutrons. They patrol between Sol II and Geira Rutilus.

The Heavy Assault Cruiser plays a crucial role in the Border_Combat in Deneb when participating in the larger more difficult battles and is very difficult to defeat without player assistance or joining in an attack along side a TPG_Teradon_Frigate