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The Prometheus is the pride of the Serco fleet. The Prometheus is outfitted with 2 small weapon ports, 1 large weapon port, and very large plates of armor. While the Prometheus is extremely heavy, it utilizes very advanced engines that keep it maneuverable. Its the second largest non-capital vessel after the Behemoth. Because its high license requirements, obtaining this ship takes some time. With its thick armor and maneuverability, in good hands this ship can survive quite long even against multiple targets.

Game's Description

The Serco Prometheus forms the backbone of the Serco Dominion Military. Built from the ground up as a heavy assault ship, the SkyCommand variant features layers of xi-rite armor thicker than any other craft short of the capital-class warship. Serco engineers are rumored to have started the Prometheus' design by retrofitting a frigate engine into the framework of a relatively tiny fighter-size frame, then sheathed it in xi-rite alloys. The product is the heaviest hitter of the single-pilot warships, a vessel small enough to be deployed like a fighter craft, but capable of handling massive loads with minimal battle performance degradation. Although it will never match the easy maneuverability of its lighter cousin, the Vulture, it can handle a variety of heavy cargo and weapons while still remaining relatively light on its feet.

Ship Variants

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Turbo Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy
MkI Basic Serco 800 8/3/8/1/- 18000 32 2S, 1L 10000 kg sm=n 21m sm=n 480 N sm=n 525 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 9.5 Nm sm=n 200 m/s sm=n 54/s sm=n
MkII Increased Hold Serco 800 8/4/9/1/- 18000 40 2S, 1L 10200 kg sm=n 21m sm=n 505 N sm=n 525 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 11.0 Nm sm=n 200 m/s sm=n 54/s sm=n
MkIII Light Serco 800 9/5/9/1/- 16500 28 2S, 1L 9500 kg sm=n 21m sm=n 505 N sm=n 525 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 11.5 Nm sm=n 210 m/s sm=n 55/s sm=n
SkyCommand Assault Serco 800 9/6/10/1/- 21000 18 2S, 1L 10000 kg sm=n 21m sm=n 525 N sm=n 535 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 11.5 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 60/s sm=n