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The TPG Raptor is a newer ship which was originally only available as a prototype for players who completed a chain of three TPG Test Pilot missions. The Raptor is now available for purchase by anyone who meets the license and faction standing requirements listed below.

In maneuverability and loadout it is similar to the MkI Vulture, although some pilots say it feels a bit heavier like a Hornet. However, it has one advantage over these ships: it has an integrated 1500m Storm Radar Range extender.

Game's Description

The Raptor prototype light attack craft is a new vessel from well-established ship manufacturer TPG Corp. By attaching four of their trademark inverse-pulse gravitic drives to a xi-rite alloy chassis, they have fielded an agile but sturdy craft. Not yet in full production, this widely-available test ship will yield more engineering feedback for TPG to use in their final revisions.

Ship Variants

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Turbo Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy Crystal Cost
TPG Prototype - sm=a TPG ~290sm=n 4/4/-/-/- 8300 8 2S 3900 kg sm=n 17 m sm=n 200 N sm=n 260 N sm=n 55 m/s sm=n 8.5 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 54/s sm=n 2
Mark II - sm=a TPG ~290sm=n 4/4/-/-/- 8500 8 2S 3900 kg sm=n 17 m sm=n 215 N sm=n 300 N sm=n 60 m/s sm=n 8.5 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 57/s sm=n 5
UDV Military Interceptor sm=a UIT >800 sm=n 9/9/6/1/- 12000 6 2L 3800 kg sm=n 17 m sm=n 225N sm=n 300N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 8.5 Nm sm=n 225 m/s sm=n 55/s sm=n 8

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