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The Hornet is the largest ship that is still considered to be a fighter, and is used mostly as an assault platform. With four small weapon ports, it can destroy many ships very quickly. A drawback to the large number of ports is the huge amount of power it will require when using many energy weapons at the same time. For this reason, many Hornet pilots stagger their fire. Another drawback is the Hornet's unremarkable maneuverability, which makes it easy prey when up against smaller fighters, such as the Vulture and Centurion.

Game's Description

Ship Variants

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Turbo Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy Crystal Cost
MkI Basic - sm=a - sm=n 3/3/-/-/- 11000 15 4S 6000 kg 17 m 230 N 210 N 65 m/s 7.0 Nm 200 m/s 50/s 1
MkII Cargo Transport - sm=a - sm=n 4/3/-/-/- 11500 25 4S 6000 kg 17 m 230 N 230 N 65 m/s 7.0 Nm 220 m/s 50/s 2
MkIII Assault - sm=a - sm=n 4/4/-/-/- 12000 18 4S 5800 kg 17 m 240 N 230 N 65 m/s 7.0 Nm 220 m/s 55/s 4
Convoy Guardian Elite Orion 720 4/5/1/-/- 13000 15 4S 5600kg 17m 240 N 230 N 65 m/s 7.0 Nm 220 m/s 50/s

Note: It is possible to deshield a Queen using a Hornet loaded with 4 Gemini missile launchers; all equipment available at License 3. [1]