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The Centurion ship class is the first fighter class ship you get access to. The basic variant has one small weapons port, sacrificing armor in favor of maneuverability and top speed. There are two variants, manufactured by Itani's and Orion's, respectively, which both have two small weapon ports, comparable to the Vulture.

Game's Description

The Centurion series of light fighter-interceptors, originally based on an Itani design, was derived from ships long used for flight training and aerobatics by the Order of Itan. Now widely copied, variants of this basic configuration can be found in almost every corner of populated space. The distinguishing factors of the Centurion series are high speed and good maneuverability, but a relatively limited number of weapons configuration ports, due to its original design as a peacetime trainer. Some adaptations, most notably the Border Guardian developed for the Itani military and the 'Rev C' version made by Orion Heavy Manufacturing (found in UIT and grey space) have proven very effective in modern combat usage.

Ship Variants

Name Variant Faction Faction
Level Armor Cargo Weapons Mass Length Thrust Turbo Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy Mass/Thrust Ratio Mass/Spin Torque Ratio Crystal Cost
MkI Basic - sm=a - sm=n 1/-/-/-/- 6500 8 1S 4200 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 210 N sm=n 220 N sm=n 55 m/s sm=n 6.0 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 55/s sm=n 20 kg/N 700 kg/Nm 1
MkII Cargo - sm=a - sm=n 1/2/-/-/- 6500 11 1S 4800 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 200 N sm=n 200 N sm=n 60 m/s sm=n 6.5 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 55/s sm=n 24 kg/N 738.45 kg/Nm 3
MkIII Assault - sm=a - sm=n 2/3/-/-/- 6700 8 1S 4200 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 215 N sm=n 220 N sm=n 65 m/s sm=n 7.0 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 60/s sm=n 19.53 kg/N 600 kg/Nm 5
Border Guardian Advanced Assault Itani 600 2/3/-/-/- 7200 4 2S 3000 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 218 N sm=n 240 N sm=n 70 m/s sm=n 7.0 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 60/s sm=n 13.76 kg/N 428.57 kg/Nm 7
Rev C Advanced Assault Orion 720 1/2/-/-/- 7000 6 2S 3200 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 218 N sm=n 230 N sm=n 70 m/s sm=n 7.0 Nm sm=n 220 m/s sm=n 60/s sm=n 14.68 kg/N 457.14 kg/Nm 7
Superlight Prototype / Advanced Assault Corvus (tbc) -/-/-/-/- 6500 2 1S 3000 kg sm=n 10 m sm=n 218 N sm=n 245 N sm=n 75 m/s sm=n 7.2 Nm sm=n 218 m/s sm=n 57/s sm=n 13.76 kg/N 416.67 kg/Nm 0

Obtaining the Superlight

In order to obtain a Superlight, you must first obtain the blueprints to build one. These are rewarded to you after the successful completion of a few missions. All but the last mission ("High-Risk Courier Mission") can be found at any Corvus station - the Courier mission is only available in Sedina D-14.

1. Hive Research - Retrieve 10 Guardian Cores. (Same mission that gives you access to the Widowmaker.)

2. Hive Reconnaissance - take a "sensor pod" (automatically fitted to your ship, doesn't take any slots) through various sectors with hive activity. You will be required to kill some of the hive bots.

3. High-Risk Courier Mission - take some information (disguised as Corvus Textiles) through grey space and ultimately deliver them to a location in UIT territory. You fly a Superlight in this mission, and are granted the blueprints upon completion.

After completing the above missions, you can take the Superlight manufacturing mission at any Corvus station. In order to complete the Superlight, you'll need to deliver the following materials:

  • 2 Instrumentation Panels
  • 70 crates of premium Carbonic Ore
  • 50 crates of premium Van Azek Ore
  • 60 crates of premium Ferric Ore
  • 19 crates of premium Silicate Ore
  • 45 crates of premium Xithricite Ore
  • 10 crates of Pentric Ore
  • 4 Thrust Regulators
  • 15 Thermal Insulator Tiles
  • 8 Engine Mounts
  • 6 Data Link Connectors
  • 1 Pilot Safety Harness
  • 2 Navigation Units
  • 4 Propellent Actuators
  • 6 Outer Hull Plate
  • 15 Hull Panels
  • 4 Guardian Proccessors
  • 8 Artemis Proccessors